Working with alternative photographic processes and getting to the root of what photography is has driven me since I first began practicing the art form in the late 90's.  Having spent a long time as a retoucher and teaching digital photography, I have found getting back to the physical and sometimes messy processes has been a valuable and ultimately life improving outlet.

My work life is split into three, teaching photography, looking after the pastoral care and well-being of 200 students and fitting in creating my own imagery. Working with teenagers I have seen depression, anxiety and a wide range of other mental health issues become more prevalent each year.  Initial the production of Chemigrams was as an escape from the stresses of work life, however increasingly I became influenced and inspired by the interactions I have had with students, gaining a better idea of the difficulties they go through.  

If you want to learn more about alternative process and chemigrams please take a look at the fantastic website http://www.alternativephotography.com/ 

All photographs by Matthew McCully

Self Portrait #7

Self Portrait #7